Guide to BBQ Nachos: Where Were They Invented and Where to Get the Best BBQ Nachos in Memphis

Swanky's is known for its delicious Tex-Mex, relaxing atmosphere and speedy service. It might come as a surprise to some that we offer a classic Southern culinary creation: BBQ nachos. As a featured menu item and a staple of Southern culture, our BBQ nachos will soon become your favorite guilty pleasure. We hope to stick to our Southern roots by offering customers a dish that plays a major role in the history of food in the South. 


What are BBQ nachos? 

The South has given birth to so many iconic dishes. From chicken-fried steak to buttermilk biscuits, when visiting the South, you will get your fix of well-cooked meals. However, one of the most widely raved about dishes in the South wasn’t born until the late 1900s. It took the South by surprise and gave everyone something they didn’t know they needed. What is the dish we speak of? Well, it’s BBQ nachos. 

Some may give BBQ nachos a simple definition such as “a pile of chips with pulled pork, nacho cheese and bbq sauce on top.” However, there is so much more history and style to this popular dish. Restaurants that offer BBQ nachos tend to put their own spin to the Southern classic. 


BBQ Nachos: A Memphis Culinary Staple

In Memphis, you can find just about any type of BBQ nachos that you can think of. Being a Tex-Mex restaurant in the South, nachos are just our thing. However, we knew we had to put a Southern spin on a classic mexican dish. Therefore, we chose to add BBQ nachos to our menu. You won’t find another Tex-Mex restaurant in the Mid-South that offers BBQ nachos like ours.  


Where to Find BBQ Nachos in Memphis

In 2004, Swanky's opened its doors and gave individuals in the Mid-South a place to hangout  and enjoy tasty food. Our BBQ nachos have been a customer favorite for years. So although there are many restaurants that offer BBQ nachos on their menus, Swanky's should be your first choice! We promise, you will not be disappointed. 


What Makes Our BBQ Nachos Unique

There are dozens of restaurants in the Mid-South that offer this popular dish, but ours isn’t your everyday BBQ nacho recipe. Instead, we combined our expertise in Tex-Mex and our Southern roots to provide you with the most divine combination of mexican classics and BBQ nachos. 

We start our nachos with crispy, homemade tortilla chips topped with pork, queso and barbecue sauce. Don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there. Next, we add black beans, jalapeno slices, pico de gallo and sour cream. When you taste our take on the classic Southern dish, you won’t believe your tastebuds.


How were BBQ nachos invented/Who invented BBQ nachos? 

BBQ nachos, the Southern culinary invention that changed how people view a classic dish. It’s no surprise that almost everyone knows Memphis is the home of barbecue. But where did the idea of combining chips and pork together really come from? Although there has been debate among local BBQ restaurant owners, everyone is adamant that BBQ nachos were born in Memphis. 

According to stories told, in the early 1980s, a waitress at a local shop began to serve customers a pile of chips with pulled pork on top. This employee’s miraculous idea was  the catalyst of the infamous treasure that is BBQ nachos. However, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that BBQ nachos really took off when they were sold at local baseball games in Memphis. From then on, restaurants everywhere continued to add BBQ nachos to their menus. 


BBQ Nachos at Swanky’s

Swanky’s has several locations in the Mid-South, all offering our delicious plate of BBQ nachos. These locations include: Southaven, East Memphis, Germantown and Franklin. We also have a brand new location opening very soon in downtown Memphis. No matter where you are in the Mid-South, there is a Swanky’s nearby. So, the next time you can’t decide between Mexican or BBQ for dinner, choose Swanky’s. We’ve got both, and you won’t regret it! 


Swanky’s Loyalty Program

If you fall in love with our BBQ nachos (which we know you will), be sure to join our loyalty program. Everytime you order, you’ll be collecting points towards your next purchase! That way, you’ll be able to get more of our delicious BBQ nachos. 


Swanky’s Catering

Want to have our BBQ nachos at your next event? We offer catering! Just stop by our “Catering” page or ask an employee the next time you are in store. 




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